Installation and Precommissioning of Firefighting and Fire Alarm

Installation & pre-commissioning of firefighting & fire alarm includes fire pumps, piping of inside the house pump water piping in the interior with nozzles of water nozzles and water wells, dilouaj valves and CO2 , HFC piping includes nozzles and water wells and installation of alarm system includes boards, cabbling and determinators.

  • Installation of two electro pumps (6.6kw)
  • Installation of one diesel pump (firefighting pump)
  • Install two pump joke.
  • Internal piping fire pump house with sprinkler nozzles and fireboxes of buildings.
  • Piping of inside the power plant with the installation of sprinkler nozzles and fireboxes of the building.
  • Underground installation includes: Post indicator valve hydrant, Post plate valve
  • Fire extinguishing and cooling piping, main and auxiliary power plant.
  • The fire alarm system consists of fire and dust detectors.